About Casey Thomas RD

Casey spent five years working in clinical research before deciding to return to school to become a registered dietitian. He spearheaded the development of a sports nutrition program on campus and completed a thesis project examining cognitive supplements in elite Esports athletes. He is a published scientific author who regularly engages as an expert peer reviewer, and has been featured in media outlets for interviews about his nutrition strategies.

Casey currently works as a performance dietitian, writer, and instructor. His unique research background has allowed him to implement protocols that have facilitated significant improvements in body composition, health, and performance among athletes – assisting several teams to championship victories at the D1 collegiate level. He has similarly enjoyed consulting for professional athletes and Olympians, Esports programs, universities, and businesses looking to gain a performance edge. Casey is currently focusing his efforts on Esports, where he is working to bring high-level, research-backed performance nutrition to the gaming world.

About GamerDiet

My mission is to unlock the potential in as many Esports athletes as possible through the application of performance nutrition science. After years of seeing gamers and Esports athletes lacking basic nutrition knowledge, it became obvious to me that they were not getting the proper attention they deserve. I am working to close that gap and be a resource to Esports athletes everywhere.

My Philosophy

There are very few things in life that have the capacity to improve literally EVERY OTHER ASPECT of it. If you use a computer for work, going from an old model with slow internet speed to a new model with quick internet will yield immediate and significant performance improvements. Similarly, YOU are the fundamental unit in your existence. If you improve your body or mind, EVERYTHING that you do will be improved.

The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is literally true. Except for when you were only a sperm and egg, every single bit of you was created by some nutrients you (or your mom) ingested. Even now, your cells are continually dying off and being replaced. Some tissues replace much quicker than others, but every 7-10 years you are sitting in a brand new body.

Neat, right?

But here’s the rub. Just like when you’re building anything else, the quality of the building blocks will determine the quality of the built product. Don’t input trash and expect an output of amazing. The concept makes sense, but it’s too easy to overlook the connection.

This is one of the reasons why I love nutrition science so much – you essentially have an Archimedes’ Lever (check it out, it’s pretty cool) at your disposal. Input a little effort on nutrition and your output will be a big improvement in your healthspan, lifespan, body composition, and performance.

But why Esports you ask?

Games fill so many more roles today than they used to in the past. Microsoft is using gamification to educate. The military uses games to simulate combat scenarios. Scientists have gamified real problems that the gamers were able to figure out when the PhD’s failed. Most important, the gaming community is a community – it brings people together, forges friendships, and even finds love.

Despite all the positives, gamers are still looked down on by many. But that’s changing. I truly people gamers are going to inherit the world. We’re the next generation.

Esports is at the center of it all, and there’s more competition now than there ever was before. You need every advantage you can get. I want you to always be at your peak. I want you to be the last one standing in a 1v5 and win. I want you to stop succeeding despite your diet and start succeeding because of your diet.

I believe in nutrition and I believe in you.

I take a portion of all my earnings and put it back into the Esports community. I do speeches and workshops, provide programs and protocols, and volunteer to help run events. I’m a one man show that doesn’t make enough to hire employees. I’ve turned down many lucrative deals because I don’t believe in the product. I hate the misinformation and bullshit messaging that plagues the nutrition field. There are too many supplement companies and IG influencers trying to make a quick buck these days. I refuse to be a part of the problem. I’m never going to tell you anything or try to sell you anything that I don’t personally believe in.

Let’s get after it together!

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