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This section is by popular request and not necessarily something I endorse. For most of you, it’s going to be completely irrelevant. I’d honestly rather you click away and focus on the nutrition content.

So with that being said, did you at least read my supplement guide?

If not, go do that first. This page isn't going anywhere.



You need to first look at your fundamentals – your nutrition, sleep, training, stress, and social situation. It is impossible to use a supplement to compensate for a deficit in any of those areas.



It’s in the word itself! Supplements are not meant to replace your diet, but instead supplement a healthy, balanced one (if appropriate).



Why be inefficient? You will see a far better return on your time and efforts by focusing on the fundamental stuff first.

Now that we're on the same page... Let me answer the question:
'What brands do you recommend?'

Clients always ask me what brands and products I recommend. The brand I personally use the most is Thorne. I initially chose it because I noticed lots of researchers were using it in their studies. It is high quality and about as clean as you can get (Note: That quality comes with a bit of a premium, which I’m personally fine paying).

The link to the right will take you to a list of all the Thorne products I’ve recommended to clients in the past. Be sure to read my supplement guide first to see if these products would be useful to you.

Funny story. For years I was buying Thorne products for myself and my clients without knowing that they do partnerships with healthcare professionals like myself (I did the math and I missed out on SO much savings over the years). I’m really excited because I was recently able to make that partnership a reality, and it means I can get products for you (and myself) at a discount.

Anyway, if you click the link, I get a small kickback and you get the product at a 20% discount, which I wish I had over the last decade (still kicking myself). If you don’t want to use this brand, THAT’S FINE. I won’t be offended. Shoot me a message and I’m more than happy to recommend some others for you.


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I can count on one hand the amount of quality nootropics I’ve seen over the years. And don’t get me wrong, I love Thorne, but the nootropic they have is not going to improve gaming performance.

I’m telling you this because I designed a custom formula specifically for gamers to acutely improve all the mental metrics you care about – things like reaction speed, energy, spatial memory, focus, and accuracy.

You can read my Not-So-Secret Stack article where I cover exactly what it is (no secrets), how I made it (with scientific references), and the results you can expect.

I wanted to mention it here as well because it is another supplement I have frequently recommended to my clients. Previously, I was telling them to buy the ingredients separately and mix the stack in their kitchen, but that's come with its own set of issues.

I’ve recently had a professional, FDA-registered lab make it (my favorite part is they have a team of flavor specialists who were able to make it taste amazing). If you want to put in a pre-order for my no-BS, backed-by-science, brain-boosting, amazing-taste, make-your-enemies-rage-quit, 10/10-would-recommend-formula, then click the button here.

P.S. The counter you’re seeing is tracking our progress before I can put in an order for a batch. This lab requires a minimum order of 144 units per batch. I’m hoping we can get more than that though, so that I can put in orders for different flavors.