Casey’s Not-So-Secret Nootropic Stack

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I’ve been mixing powders and recommending my clients do the same for several nootropic stacks for as long as I’ve been in this business. One of my clients had the obvious idea to simply make the stack directly so we wouldn’t have to keep mixing … Read More

Stop Taking Creatine For Your Muscles

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And start taking it for your brain! It’s one of the safest, most well-researched, and most effective supplements I know of. Now there’s enough information already out there about creatine’s impact on muscle and ability to improve physiological metrics. What I want to do here … Read More

Nutrient Timing for Esports Athletes

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Let’s me be clear. Nutrient timing is an advanced strategy. It can produce big results when implemented correctly. However, the BEST timing in the world is unable to compensate for poor ‘basic’ nutrition practices – things like energy balance, macronutrients, hydration, and food quality. If … Read More